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Hello, all! I'm maintaining a central sales post on my ElJay for ease of editing and keeping things in one place. I have bottles and imps, LE and GC, all sorts of goodies to be found, and I include freebies with every shipment! Links for each scent lead to the review section at bpal.org, and I do my best to include a notes list with the non-BPAL items. My feedback post is over here (with a link to my bpal.org feedback), and my wish list is right here.

Necessary Stuff: Shipping is $3.75 within the US (includes DC). Please buy at least $9.00 worth of stuff pre-shipping. LET ME KNOW if you want insurance; I will not be responsible for uninsured packages. I accept CC and non-CC PayPal, but PLEASE do mark your payment for goods and services. I very much appreciate that people want to save me PayPal fees, but I generate my US postage through there and have anxiety about them putting payments and shipments together and saying WAITACOTTONPICKINMINIT. X-D If you feel flush enough to throw a little extra in for fees, I will gladly accept, but of course there's no requirement.

If label condition is a concern for any items, please let me know in your request. If you want to buy or swap but don't have or want to make a livejournal account, please either PM me on bpal.org (I'm karihan) or email me at karihan (dot) chris (at) gmail (dot) com.

FOR MY INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: I will ship internationally, but please contact me for a quote. Since USPS has decided to raise its international rates so high, I've decided to offer two shipping options: One is for my usual sort of package, where I've added candies, teas, and other little extras. The other is for a package pared down to just the purchased items plus requested free sniffy. My free sniffies vary somewhat in weight; I'll let you know if the one you pick is heavier than the usual. I'll give you the total for each option and the difference between the two, so that you can decide whether you'd prefer the shipping savings or the extras.

NOTE ON BOTTLE FULLNESS: I measure the oil levels of my bottles in millimeters. For comparison, from bottom to where the shoulder starts on a standard BPAL bottle is 30mm and the neck starts at about 32mm. I include the to-neck measurement as well for any bottle that doesn't fit that measurement. For those who would rather not do math, I've also included an estimate of "how full" based on the mm measurement. If you'd like to see a photo of any of my items, let me know which ones and I'll be happy to provide. Of course I can also provide pictures of labels, if you want to see what state those are in.

Newly added items are in Bold.

Bottles -- LE (including Discontinueds, Trading Post and all Unimpables)

13, April 2012 version (32mm w/dip, full), $19.00
"Thirteen flowers of good luck swirled in white chocolate and a touch of honey: white carnation, stephanotis, blood-flower, yellow rose, eggplant flower, tiare, chamomile blossom, champaca flower, pink heather, wild orchid, pink peony, sweet basil flower, and Bells of Ireland."

An Appraisal of Sensual Pleasure in the Four Seasons (32mm, full to neck), $22.00
"Wild plum, lemongrass, frankincense, honeysuckle, and teak."

Avenger (24mm, 4/5ths full), $20.00
"Plush vanilla bourbon and rum accord with pink pepper, patchouli, clove, pikaki, golden amber, caraway, tuberose, and jacaranda-da-bahia."

Before the Snowy Window (32mm w/dip, full), $22.00
"Snow-dusted cherry blossom, passion flower, peach musk, and tuberose."

Couple Engaged in Lovemaking (31mm, full), $22.00
"Honey, lemongrass, black tea, white ginger, and grains."

Dark Chocolate with Merlot-Infused Black Cherries and Star Anise (32mm, full to neck), $22.00

Galbanum SN (32mm, full to neck), $22.00
"Galbanum possesses a complex tart, green, resinous scent that is strangely amorphous and mercurial. There is a balsamic woody tone to it at times, and at others, it appears metallic and aldehydic."

Geisha in Orange Kimono Admiring a Samurai (34mm, very full), $22.00
"King mandarin, tuberose, white sandalwood, white moss, yerba mate, tangerine and styrax."

Ghost House (32mm w/dip, full), $22.00
"Purple-stemmed raspberries, twining grape vines, Spanish moss, and dusty pale woods."

G'Milut Chasadim (32mm w/dip, full), $21.00
"Honeyed pomegranate, rose, myrrh, osmanthus, and wild plum."

Großvater Tanz (29mm, full to barely under shoulder), $18.00
"Rice porridge, candied fruits, heavy cream, powdered clove, and Lebkuchen."

Hairy Toad Lily (34mm, full into neck), $20.00
"Spotty, hairy, purple, sweet!"

Lust Bonbon (32mm w/dip, full), $22.00
"Red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh, surrounded by smoky cinnamon-dusted cacao."

Miss Addie (32mm w/dip, full), $22.00
"Red sandalwood, vanilla orchid, sweet clove, neroli, apple blossom, and a gentle hint of star anise."

Nabby Gardner's Holiday Globules (32mm w/dip, full), $22.00
“Deck your halls with Nabby Gardner's Holiday Globules — the colors are out of this world! Luminous and possibly sentient, they make a fine addition to your holiday décor!”

Peony Moon '13 (32mm w/dip, full), $22.00
"Ume blossoms and pink peony against a pale backdrop of white sandalwood, Japanese apricot petals, lotus root, and spider lily."

The Phoenix at Dawn (30mm, full to shoulder), $22.00
"Pink rose, apricot, orange blossom, carnation, red sandalwood, lemon blossom, rose musk, Madagascar vanilla, white wine grape, pink grapefruit, and white patchouli."

The Phoenix at Midday (31mm w/dip, full to shoulder), $22.00
"Blood orange, mimosa, gingergrass, golden amber, saffron, tonka absolute, pomegranate, neroli, and bourbon geranium."

Suck It '09 (31mm w/dip, full to shoulder), $19.00
"Black cherry brandy."

Valse Finale et Apotheose (31mm, full, wandcap), $19.00
"Three honeys, white mint, and apple blossom."

The Volstead Act (32mm, full to neck), $19.00
"The scent of a Bizzy Izzy Highball: rye, sherry wine, pineapple syrup, and lemon."

White Chocolate, Lemongrass, Coriander and Almond Cream (32mm, full to neck), $19.00

White Chocolate with Mate, Hazelnut and Banana Cream (32mm w/dip, full), $22.00

Bottles -- GC

Night-Gaunt (32mm w/dip, full), $16.00
"Yuzu, white grapefruit, and kumquat mixed with the snow-dusted flowers of Mount Ngranek."

Osun (32mm, full to neck), $16.50
"Honey and herbs of love, passion and desire."

All of the imps below, except for the ones marked otherwise, are at least 80% full (lab-full) as far as I can tell. In fact, many of the GCs are as I received them from the Lab, untouched and even unopened. The others were either opened only to sniff or tested cleanly with a tiny dab. Please let me know if you care about label condition, as some have been rolled and others are slightly marked.

Decants -- LE/Discontinued/Unimpables/BPTP wares, priced as marked. (*) = decanted by me.

Asterias Bath Oil (20mm in original 4oz bottle, neck starts at 80mm, 1-1.5oz), $6.00
"Sweet apricot, white honey, orris root, white sandalwood and white peach."
(Shipping may need to be bumped up a little for this, since it weighs 1.6oz. I can get you a more exact quote if you're interested.)

Baba Yaga (Unreleased version, 3/4 full), $4.50
The first 4 or so pages of reviews pertain to the unreleased version, but the description at the top of the pages is of the current GC.

Bernadino Dotted Blue, $3.50
"Lily of the valley, patchouli, copal, violet leaf, ambrette seed, Cyprian bergamot, chocolate peppermint, and tobacco absolute."

Chocolate Expresso Gingerbread, $6.00

Chaos Theory 3 - MCCLIV (1254) (no reviews, I get rum, fruit and light florals), $3.00

Independent, $4.00
No notes list, on me it smells like bright, tart citrus with a little fizz and a hint of florals.

Moon Rose, $3.50
"A crisp, pale, almost translucent rose dusted by moonflower and midnight dew."

Noche Buena x2 (a '07 and a '10), $3.25 each
"The light, uplifting incense of the Misa de Noche Buena, purple sage, and a vibrant bouquet of plumeria, chrysanthemum, tuberose, Angel's Trumpet, Mexican tiger lily, dahlia, and azucenas."

Sanctus, $4.00
"Golden osmanthus, lily of the valley, celestial musk, and frankincense."

Strawberry Lemon Drop Candy Cane, $6.00

Imps -- GC, $2.00 or 7 for $10.00

All Night Long
"As if the name didn't spell it out for you. This blend relieves all sexual inhibitions by simultaneously relaxing and arousing."

Ameles Potamos
"Bittersweet black water swollen with forgotten tears."

"Tangerine, saffron, vetiver, black amber and cedarwood."

Beer from the Marsh Woman's Brewery
"A beer flavored with marsh arrow grass, yew berries, purple foxglove, and giant hogweed."

"This scent is a tribute to such a dark and magnificent plant: a rich green and floral blend, earthy and haunting."

"The warmth of doeskin, dry plains grasses and soft, dusty woods warmed by amber and a downy, gentle coat of deep musk."

"Pink lime, pink grapefruit, white nectarine, wild rose, sage, woody patchouli, bergamot, and ornery hedgehog musk."

The Hamptons
"The scent of a Cosmopolitan cocktail."

"The scent of the perfect martini."

"Thick bitter almond and heady night-blooming jasmine with saffron, cinnamon leaf, red patchouli, river lilies, bergamot, fig leaf and the sacred incense of Inanna."

Voodoo Lily
"A breathtakingly exotic, wild, and grossly erotic spicy gold, purple-black, and burgundy lily."

Non-BPAL, priced as listed, standard imp-sized vial unless marked otherwise.

Common Brimstone:

Duskblade (1ml bottle), $3.00
"A spicy floral blend of violet, plum, and black pepper, with hints of leather, a touch of vanilla to soften it up and a smidge of black musk to finish."

Conjure Oils:

Sahlab Au Set (5ml, 29mm, full to just shy of shoulder), $16.50
"Fresh goat milk thickened with orchid root accord, kyphi honey, orange blossom and rose water and sprinkling of toasted coconut caramel."

Sunday's Child (5ml LE, 28mm, full to just below shoulder), $17.00
"Golden frankincense, cedar wood, carnation, heliotrope and a subtle hint of sparking pineapple."

Táim In nGrá Leát (5ml LE, 27mm, full to just below shoulder), $16.50
"An inspired scent that evokes swirling mists through ancient apple orchards, oak leaves, cool rain and emerald moss."

Heaven and Earth Essentials:

Beloved's Return (5ml rollerball, 25mm w/neck at 31mm, abt 5/6 full), $12.00
"Vanilla FO, Pineapple FO, Pink Grapefruit EO, Blood Orange EO, Indi Sandal Sambac EO and Tonka Bean EO."

Blue Tango (5ml, 33mm w/neck at 33mm, full to neck), $14.00
"Blue Raspberry, Fresh Sugar Cane, Attar Rose Musk, and Woodland Themes."

Brandied Fruitcake (5ml LE, 30mm, full to shoulder), $14.00
"Dried cherries, pineapple, yellow cake soaked in Brandy."

Elegant Raspberries EDP (50ml spray bottle), $9.00
"Raspberry FO, White Chocolate FO, Carnation EO, Vanilla Absolute EO, Tonka Bean EO and White Musk FO."

Got Love (LE 5ml, 29mm, full to just shy of shoulder), $13.50
"Carnation, Peaches and Cream, White Musk and Strawberry."

Violet Vanilla (LE, 2ml sample), $3.00
"Buttercream FO, Wedding Cake FO, French Vanilla FO and Violet FO."

Nocturne Alchemy/VApothecary:

Bastet's Warm Buttered Choco-Rum (LE), $1.50
"A beautiful chocolate scented buttery rum. Cacao imported from Persia, Rum from the West Indies, Chocolate shavings, Sugar and a golden vat of Butter."

Memphis, $1.50
"Sandalwood, Spicy Berries, Egyptian Musk, Citrus and Heliotrope."

Nokturne: Black Diamond (5ml LE [original release], 30mm, full to shoulder), $20.00
"Egyptian and Belgian Dark Chocolate, imported Nahuatl Xocolatl perfume, blended with vanilla cream musk and cocoa. A touch of sultry crimson musk rounds out the scent to a creamy sensual finish."


Bauble (5ml LE, 33mm w/neck at 31mm, full into neck), $12.00
"Yum, yum sugar plum and cream and a drop of calendula."

Giddy (5ml, 32mm w/neck at 31mm, full into neck), $12.00
"Chocolate and vanilla with lashings of a creamy sugar-buzz inducing fragrance which will make you feel like licking your arm."

Limoncello: Ti Amo (5ml, 32mm, full to neck), $13.50
"The lemon base is totally without bitterness but redolent with the essence of Amalfi Lemons. This overlays a glorious mixture of rose, lightest crystal musk, a kiss of sugar, and the smallest sliver of basil just for the uplift. Ti Amo Limoncello is very sexy, witty, and perfect for a night at the opera in the heat of summer, followed by music-ignited passion."

Nigel (5ml LE, 31mm w/neck at 31mm, full to neck), $12.00
"Fresh and yet sweet, Nigel has a hint of fir around his fur but a heart which is pure candy and nuts. Nigel would love to curl up on an expensive wreath and have a snooze next to a big box of caramels. A beautiful scent with the pairing of unexpected pine and candy, maybe he is a citizen of the great indoors and the holidays are his best time!"

O Dancing Coração (5ml LE, 32mm, full to neck), $12.00
"Strong cocktail fruits of coconut and passionfruit and more, mix with skin musk to make the scent of love in the Southern Equator. This one has a big effect on the opposite sex. Almost too inviting, almost too real. This is where fruit crosses the line into animal. Breathtaking, daring. Supremely sexy and supremely creative."

Triangulation, $1.50
"A small whiff of bergamot, then a nice warm slice of Persian melon which has been basking in the sun and is perfectly ripe and sweet sweet. Finally a couple of puffs of a wonderful and rare Japanese incense rounds out the idea nicely. This incense is a strong departure from the usual but you will know it instantly from the first time you smell it. The sort of fragrance you get with leaves of origami paper or the best Japanese silk. Triangulation is a very classy fragrance, but with enough clever earthiness to keep it from becoming too abstract."

Victory, $1.50
"This is a simple and straightforward fragrance which concentrates on fighting fatigue while keeping you alert and motivated to get to the next level. Thyme and sage, lemongrass and light camphor, a bit of rosemary, and the lightest hint of white sharp amber to keep it all knit together without being dulling."

Western Hills, $1.50
"Western Hills is a sweet but daring rendition of that part of Cincinnati. Like the real thing, it's sporty, foody, rich and robust but with a heartbreaking familiarity like what you feel when you go home again. Characteristics: foody, sporty, cutting edge, unisex."


Blood and Honey (5.5ml, 42mm, full to shoulder), $13.00
"Blood orange, wildflower honey (vegan), pale amber, honeysuckle."

Southern Gothic (2ml sample), $4.00
"Mandarin Orange, Apple, Coconut Pulp, Southern Magnolia, Jasmine Sambac, Balsam, White Sandalwood."

Starring Fragrances:

Villainess (10ml, about 1/2 full), $11.00
"She schemes and plots in her den of black vanilla beans, Tonka vanilla and whispered rumors of resinous sultry sugar!"

Super Bad:

Fireflies & Pixies (10ml opaque roller bottle, used twice cleanly since purchase), $9.50
"Honeysuckle blossoms and crushed blueberries."

Miss Behaving (10ml roller bottle, 46mm w/neck at 54mm), $9.50
"Wildflower honey infused with vanilla beans."

Ten Three Labs:

Thunder (1ml bottle), $3.50
"Soggy grass in a rainstorm, electrified air, honeysuckle."

ZOMG Smells:

Dr. Zomg's Renovative Cherry Bitters, $1.50
"Dr. Zomg's favorite ... she makes hers with sweet cherry fruit, bitter cherry pits, grapefruit rind, galangal root, geranium leaf, grains of paradise, and brandy."

Spacebat (5ml, 19mm w/neck at 31mm, about 2/3 full), $9.50
"Cave stone and memorial myrrh lifted by nutmeg and delicate leather wings."

Yellowcake Uranium (5ml LE, 40mm, extremely full), $15.00
"It's a supple lemon-curdy lemon cake, with a bit of black tea and some Slavic spice to make it feel at home: pitchblende was first identified in what's now the Czech Republic."

Sniffies -- one free per purchase, first ask first served. BPAL/BPTP: Envy, Eve v5, Fruitcake, Half-Elf v.5, Independent, Maiden, Marshmallow Poof, Neo-Tokyo, Okayaki, Tcotchkie, Trinket, The Wiley Grasser. Villainess: Sol Bacio. Most of my sniffies are actually testers or partial imps, so feel free to ask about oil levels, or if you have questions about any of the scents.

As with my perfume oils, I am willing to consider swap and swap/sale offers for all these items, as well as other price suggestions. Shipping may vary according to the weight of the item, but I have a postage scale for accurate quotes. DVDs, books and magazines can be shipped via media mail if that's all you're getting. PM me or email karihan (dot) chris (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions or would like additional pictures. ^_^ And my apologies if the shrunk-down pictures are difficult to see. Just click on a pic to see it full size.

THE CELTIC TAROT SET, $25.00: This Tarot deck is filled with the gorgeous, intricate work of well-known Celtic illuminator and artist Courtney Williams. I got my set used off of eBay, but everything is in excellent condition. The box shows some traces of shelf wear, but nothing major. The book has a tiny nick above the title, and the cards look like they've never been shuffled. There is a faint amount of discoloration at the bottom of The Star, but I can't find any other issues with the card faces. If you want pictures of any specific cards, let me know and I'll provide them.

 photo CelticTarot02_zps9c248af2.jpg  photo CelticTarot03_zpsc68d56ca.jpg
 photo CelticTarot04_zps31b32651.jpg  photo CelticTarot08_zps3394df78.jpg  photo CelticTarot07_zpsc68bc905.jpg  photo CelticTarot05_zps97f7d401.jpg
 photo CelticTarot06_zps6abdf937.jpg

DVDS: I'm culling my DVD collection as well as my perfume oils, so I'll add to these as I find new ones to sell. They still have all the discs and supplementary materials they came with.

The Two Towers Extended Version set, $10.00: I'm not sure how I wound up with two copies of this one, but let my goof be your gain. The box has a few traces of very minor shelf wear; the discs have never been played, aside from disc one being put in a player to check function.

My Cousin Vinny, $4.00 This disc has also never been played except to check function. The clamshell insert has a wee bit of wear, but the packaging is otherwise fine.

COILING GIZMO, $8.00: The Coiling Gizmo makes forming tightly-wound coils of wire for jewelry easy! You can use it either held in one hand or clamped to a table with a C-clamp to have both hands free. I even plan to make coiled-wire Christmas decorations this year. ^_^

Coiling Gizmo photo CoilingGizmo_zpsc76b6281.jpg

FABULOUS FLORALS, $3.00: This Design Originals booklet gives complete instructions for making 10 sparkling floral necklaces and 2 brooches out of wire, glass beads, pearls and crystals. The necklaces use twisted or braided wire to give the effect of vines suspending leaves, buds and flowers. Lovely and endlessly customizable!

Fabulous Florals photo FabulousFlorals_zps768601df.jpg

BEAD & BUTTON MAGAZINES, $2.50 each or take all 8 for $15.00: I wound up with duplicates of several of my beloved B&B mags, so I'm passing them along. I have #14 (June '96), #15 (Oct '96), #17 (Feb '97), #25 (June '98), #26 (Aug '98), #27 (Oct '98), #28 (Dec '98), and #37 (June 2000). Great magazines for beginners to learn from or for advanced crafters to get ideas! Click here for photos of each individual magazine.

Bead & Button Mags photo BeadandButtonall_zpsb5339ebd.jpg

SCENT BOTTLE PENDANT, $50.00 obo: I bought a unakite and sterling silver scent bottle pendant from Offerings Jewelry some months ago, but I've never worn it. It is 3 inches (7.5cm) from the top of the bail to the bottom tip of the bottle. The other stones are a moonstone and a mother-of-pearl flower with a peridot center. Offering's stamp "sajen" and a sterling silver stamp show on the back band. The sterling cap is a little loose, but the unakite cap fits snugly. Click on the pics to see full-size versions:

I paid $50 originally. For that price, I will include a necklace to wear it on, either a sterling snake chain or a beaded strand of my own creation to match, design details to be worked out with the purchaser, plus a set of matching earrings! I can also include the pendant, with or without necklace, in a swap or swap/sale. If you'd like to see a few other strands of beads I've strung, you can check them out here and here.

King Mandarin bottle, Badgers, Batty and Ops - sold to Surreal
A Game Called Yes and No bottle and Ondurdis imp - sold to Lunameth
HTF Sniffy Set - sold to poohslovebug
Zahr Om Ali bottle - sold to Susan500
Candy Corn Coated Candy Apple, The Chocolate Cat, Hathor's Coconut Chai,& Bastet's Chocolate Covered Apricots bottles - sold to bluewolf89
The Ruined Reputation bottle - sold to marisaviola
NomNomNom & Devil's Snack Cakes bottles - swapped to Soupy Twist
Big Black Cat & Fygmalion bottles - sold to hoffmj13
Glittering Apple of the Stars bottle - sold to longtimegone
Lovely Lady Lovelace, Rhodomel & Temptation bottles + Titanium White Possette - sold to Sakura Tsukikage
L'Essence de L'Engouement bottle - sold to dracosilverwolf
Gothabilly bottle - sold to raspberryswirlgirl
Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht bottle and pitch card - sold to Chatoyant
Butterflies, Flowers and Jewels Attending; Little Flora; and Love and Sleep bottles - sold to raspberryswirlgirl
Old Keturah Zadok's Cranberry Cider bottle - sold to Robyn Steele
Solstice Tea PO & SGO bottles - sold to Lionesse
Magical Lollies, Pushpadhanva and Olde Cider Haus bottles - sold to freddysbaaack
Gillyflower and Summer's End bottles - sold to pandora360
Peach II bottle - sold to Danascharms
Spanish Moss SN bottle - sold to Julia
Egg Nog Latte and The Future Ball bottles - sold to Maria
A Winter Dawn bottle - sold to suzanna_o
Passion Butterfly, Screeching Parrot and Te Po bottles - sold to shipbuilding
Passion bottle - swapped to mistspinner
Theme in Yellow and Rich Vanilla bottles - sold to dogs4dogs

Previous sales posts: 07/04/14-06/15/14, 01/06/14-07/03/14, 07/06/13-01/06/14, 02/14/13-07/05/13, 12/01/12-02/13/13, 08/13/12-11/30/12, 03/14/12-08/12/12, 08/30/11-03/14/12, 06/02/11-08/29/11, 12/16/10-06/01/11, 08/11/10-12/15/10, 04/11/10-08/10/10, 01/15/10-04/10/10, 09/30/09-01/14/10, 07/17/09-09/29/09, 03/29/09-07/16/09, 11/02/08-03/28/09, 05/04/08-11/01/08, 03/03/08-05/03/08, 12/29/07-03/02/08, 11/06/07-12/28/07, 09/18/07-11/05/07, 5/23/07-09/17/07, 01/07 - 05/22/07, 11/06 through 01/07. Earlier posts were on sinandsalvation and alchemylab.

I pride myself on good communication and good results, so please contact me if you have any questions. And I do enjoy giving little extra goodies, tea, soaplets, candies and the like. ^_^ If there's anything in that line you would rather not get, just let me know.



Jul. 13th, 2015 02:51 pm (UTC)
It came in the mail over the weekend--thanks so much for the quick turnaround! :)



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